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  1. venusflytrapman

    What plant is this?

    I went camping and found these growing right by the water. I thought they were pitcher plants at first but then noticed that they had regular leaves and a stem. Does anyone know what these are?
  2. venusflytrapman

    Identification Please

    Thanks a lot:)
  3. venusflytrapman

    Identification Please

    I got some mystery seeds from @WillyCKH and was hoping someone could identify them. I know that one is a red variety of D. capensis but I don't know anything about the other ones. Thanks
  4. venusflytrapman

    Grow lights

    Anybody? Again, any advice will be highly appreciated!
  5. venusflytrapman

    Grow lights

    As you might know from previous posts, I dont know anything about growlights. I just got some and I dont know what colour setting I need, the number of hours of light needed, how close they need to be, or how bright they need to be. If you could give me any advice that would be great. I am...
  6. venusflytrapman

    Bromeliad palette

  7. venusflytrapman

    Willy's TC Journey

    How are those D. intermedia doing?
  8. venusflytrapman

    Venusflytrapmans CP sale.

    Heres a couple plants for sale: D. rotundifolia 'Walford ON' flowering size-$8.00 medium-$5.00 small-$3.00 D. rotundifolia 'Walford ON' Pack of 100 plus seeds-$5.00 D. intermedia 'Walford ON' pack of 100 plus seeds-$5.00 D. capensis 'Alba' flowering size -$5.00 medium-$3.00 small-$1.00...
  9. venusflytrapman

    Large quantities of live sphagnum

    P.M. me.
  10. venusflytrapman

    Stylidium debile

    You should sell some.:)
  11. venusflytrapman

    My paddle found these guys...

    I have had some various utrics growing in my fish tank before, and it spread like crazy!
  12. venusflytrapman

    Plant of the Month August 2018

    Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea.
  13. venusflytrapman

    Hi from Alberta

    Welcome back Neil!:)
  14. venusflytrapman

    D. ramentacea

  15. venusflytrapman

    Ibicella lutea

    Any updates?
  16. venusflytrapman

    Lithops & South American cacti

    I have two 2 year old seedlings.
  17. venusflytrapman

    My Aquaponic system

    Just added to little catfish:)
  18. venusflytrapman

    CPSC Apparel

    I can't seem to find it on redbubble...