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  1. WillyCKH

    D. brevifolia seed stratification and dormancy

    Drosera brevifolia is warm temperate just like Drosera capillaris; their seeds do not require cold stratification.
  2. WillyCKH

    Heliamphora minor var. pilosa x self

    That's the first time I've heard of this, many articles say otherwise. Really cool!
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    self-isolation mode at the office...
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    Willy's TC Journey

    made a new mold for the silicone lids but no more resin for now... :(
  6. WillyCKH

    Hey CPSC!

    Welcome, Shane! I grow CPs mainly indoors since I live in a condo too. :)
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    Voting for Plant of the Month, March 2020

    Utricularia blanchetii - @StickyIcky Utricularia longifolia - @Dogrem Drosera hamiltonii - @WillyCKH Nepenthes izumiae - @Davidd Nepenthes vogelii - @John Yates Nepenthes 'Lady Pauline' - @Peatmoss Nepenthes hamata x singalana - @housepet
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    Plant of the Month, April 2020

    Carnivorous Plant Society of Canada Plant of the Month (POTM) contest Rules: 1- One type of carnivorous plant per entry per member. If there is more than one plant type in the picture(s), the member must clearly describe the participant. 2- The plant must be grown by the member for at least 3...
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    BCP Group Order 2020 (Placeholder)

    BCP is opening in Sept if conditions permit, but for Spring it will be closed due to COVID19.
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    Willy's TC Journey

    Drosera hirticalyx Drosera hamiltonii Drosera felix Drosera x tokaiensis
  11. WillyCKH

    Sarr's for pick up (Hold for now)

    sounds like it's the software's problem if MS Paint can print fine.
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    Picture of the day!

    Dionaea muscipula 'True Blue'
  13. WillyCKH

    Ant plants (molenena primuliflora) not producing leaves

    I think the fruits are ready, comparing to pics from this website:
  14. WillyCKH

    alien ????

    The flower looks normal to me. :)
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    Maybe they have seen those misleading videos and thought they can grow their own mushroom easily. o_O
  16. WillyCKH

    Looking for SEEDS - Sarrs/VFT/Temperates

    I have what you need. :cool: