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  1. VarunA

    New N.rob pitcher opened up looking good

    Looks amazing John. :)
  2. VarunA

    Hamata windowsill?

    I think among all the nepenthes species, hamata seeds are the hardest to come by. So I think it is super unlikely to come by "real hamata seed". I think you are better off buying a wistuba sourced nepenthes clone (clone 1/2/4) which are supposed to be nice and easy and then try to grow it.
  3. VarunA

    Mt.Victoria N.attenboroughii

    Haha. Jeh loooks so young in that pic. When did you visit? Back when I went in 2014, it was one of the best peaks I have ever climbed. I can never forget the knife edge peaks. They were scary sharp, the vegetation was crazy sharp too, but it was beautiful to see attenboroughii so healthy swaying...
  4. VarunA


    Looking good. :) I agree..there def. does seem to have some izumiae in there.
  5. VarunA

    Mt Kinabalu nep garden , now no longer there after earth quake

    That is incredible. Mt. Kinabalu is still one of my wishlist places to go to. i have only been at the base to get permission at the Kinabalu parks. I never climbed the mountain. But the garden at the base (~1200m asl?) was beautiful nonetheless.
  6. VarunA

    Some of my Nepenthes

    Picture perfect plants. Absolutely perfect specimens. Great job Avery.
  7. VarunA

    Carnivorous plant sale (2019)

    No. I don't grow any pings.
  8. VarunA

    roraima's pictures

    Fantastic plant Guy. Perfect specimen. :)
  9. VarunA

    Carnivorous plant sale (2019)

    Update: I still have a few big cephalotus for sale. Although shipping might be risky with the regular frosts. If someone is in the GTA and wants to pickup adult cephalotus plants ..PM me and we can work something out.
  10. VarunA

    Hello from Ontario

    Hi David. Welcome to the forum and nice looking plants you got there. :)
  11. VarunA

    N veitchii biggest i see round i think

    Absolutely beautiful plant John. I wish I can have a greenhouse like yours some day. :)
  12. VarunA

    Plant sale

    Hi Pascal, That’s an awesome list. I am interested in the tenuis As well. Please let us know prices/pics? thanks V
  13. VarunA

    Wildlife photography

    Thanks for the explanation Daniella. I guess I just need to look around more carefully. I see hawks around the highways when I am driving..but never really know when/where to stop to get proper pics of them. I only have a 300mm f4, so the range isn't as great. Might have to make that plunge and...
  14. VarunA

    Wildlife photography

    Omg. That is incredible. Where do you go to find them?? I like wildlife photography as well...but I am no where close to your league.
  15. VarunA

    Dracula vampira

    Incredible. It is my favourite Dracula species. I only tried it once and failed at it. The leaves on my plants got some unsightly black spots of them. Maybe someday I will try it again.
  16. VarunA

    Carnivorous plant sale (2019)

    Yes! Please PM me. I am currently out of town and coming back home tomorrow. Will be able to ship early next week.
  17. VarunA

    Carnivorous plant sale (2019)

    I sent you a message. Click the letter icon in the top corner right. You should see a private message thread.
  18. VarunA

    Carnivorous plant sale (2019)

    Yes. Please PM me and we can work out a meeting time this weekend.
  19. VarunA

    Carnivorous plant sale (2019)

    Hi, Yes! I have a new batch of them for sale. I just didn't have the time to post them up. But I will update the original post. Please PM me and we can figure out a plant for you. cheers V
  20. VarunA

    Bitten off more than I can chew - Failed attempts at outdoor growing

    Thanks Justin. I'll get some pics later today when I go home.