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    Vanilla Orchids

    I bought one at Cloud's Orchids in Jordan Station a few years ago. They are only open one weekend a month starting in April and it looks like they won't have their sales list ready much before that.
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    Dracula vampira

    I was told this is one of the most difficult species of the genera to grow. Not sure what I'm doing right but this is the first of five flower spikes to open on this plant.
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    Sarracenia Flava var. Cuprea. Coppertop

    My understanding is that Copperhead is just a nickname for Sarracenia flava var. cuprea.
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    Lady slipper

    I think you're right @H2O. I have both but will have to wait for them to bloom to figure out which is which since critters ate my wooden plant labels. :mad:
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    Lady slipper

    Nice. I bought 2 at an orchid show last year but so far I only have foliage. Is this a parviflorum or pubescens?
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    Newest addition, H. pulchella

    Not sure, I had it a year and a half and it was producing mature pitchers when I got it.
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    Newest addition, H. pulchella

    Thanks for checking in, I hope so. I had 3 blossoms that I pollinated, #1 with nutans, #2 with pollen from #1 and #3 with pollen from #1&2. #3 #2 #1
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    Masdevallia striatella

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    Yukondave's Grow List

    Pinguicula P. emarginata "red leaves, large rosette" P. esseriana P. "Pirouette" P. moranensis x ehlersiae P. x “Weser” P. jaumavensis P. rectiflora P. agnata P. cyclosecta P. debbertiana P. gigantea Cephalotus C. follicularis “German Giant” C. follicularis C. follicularis "Hummers Giant"...
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    Masdevallia striatella

    It seems a watched bloom never opens, been watching these for 2 weeks now.
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    C. follicularis “German Giant”

    My first successful Ceph. propagation via leaf pulling, not sure why I have so much trouble with these. I actually found this in a pot of H. minor while I was trimming back the moss growth. I'd forgotten about it, maybe that's the key.
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    H. nutans flowering

    It doesn't look like I had any success with pollination, I think the blooms were open too long before I attempted pollination.
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    Newest addition, H. pulchella

    Hoping to pollinate the first blossom with some H. nutans pollen I collected.
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    How's your dormancy?

    All ready to give them an early start, just have to wait a few months. :)