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    Why don't VFT's have "var" names?

    It's native range is north and south Carolina. This is sad.... Although widely cultivated for sale, the population of the Venus flytrap has been rapidly declining in its native range.[5] The species is currently under Endangered Species Act review by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.[6
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    Nep ventricosa red

    Keep me in mind for a cutting. Love the red colouring. This plant is my age. lol
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    Spring pics please!

    Cook the crap out of it and its good to go!
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    Spring pics please!

    I tried it once! and it was not good, it made my mouth tingly for a while. Bears eat the roots though.
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    Spring pics please!

    Lysichiton americanus aka Skunk Cabbage
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    Humidity domes

    Clear storage containers, flipped? Some eg.
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    CarsonH photos

    Your living my dream.
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    Agnata x zecheri

    That flower has amazing colouring.
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    Seed library stand.

    My partner asked her Dad to build her a seed library stand. Cool idea!! Great way to get some interesting veggie seeds.
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    Nepenthes Barbosa

    Do you have a picture of it?
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    Small Seed Sale

    I'll take a lettuce, beet and Purpurea.
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    I'm leaving the Forum for good!

    This got me! I was like WOW some serious CPSC drama must have gone down!
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    Exo Terra

    Very nice!