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    Lecanopteris sinuosa Growing Information

    Here are the pictures I had taken. When they are tiniest it is in August 2018, perhaps I had sown in june or something. The pics show them to be all on jiffy pellets, but I dumped a lot of spores on the moist sphagnum of my B. costatum. The pic with the few young L. sinuosa in a ziploc bag shows...
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    Lecanopteris sinuosa Growing Information

    Hey I just noticed this thread. In fact I have sown spores last year or maybe december 2018 ( I don't remember that well), and successfully germinated and grown lecanopteris from spores! I tried hydrated jiffy pellets dusted with the stuff and put in a empty plastic grape container, it worked...
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    Spring 2020 Plants [Carnivorous/Ant Plants] **CLOSED

    Wow she looks like a cross between talangensis and aristolochioides!
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    Plant sale

    Interested in Mollis Lowii x burbidgea tentaculata
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    Willy's Ant-plants

    I believe I got my M. tuberosa from DennisZ as well. It's unfortunate we do not have the exact locality of the plant, but they're very enjoyable nonetheless.
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    Bulbophyllum sanguineopunctatum

    Very pretty bulbo Stanley! That's awesome! I'd like to do that in the near future (along with other orchid genera) and sow in tissue culture. May I ask why did you stop? Did the fruit of your labor survive after you quit?
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    Hello (Québec City)

    Welcome! I'm also in Quebec City (for now) You'll find great advice on this forum and some very nice people as well :)
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    Myrmecodia tuberosa

    Yes! pretty much all of them have germinated well. Last time I counted there was around 35 seedlings, but not as big as yours! yes I sowed ''au fur et à mesure'' immediately after collecting fruits this summer and autumn ;)
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    Myrmecodia tuberosa

    It is M. tuberosa, I too unfortunately do not have any more specific information on the locality. I probably should look up who sold me mine, he's on the forum but I do not recall the name right now... It is 100% self pollinated! I don't mess with the flowers anymore, I've only tried to...
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    Myrmecodia tuberosa

    Nice plant! Mine has turned out to be among the top ''most rewarding'' plants in my collection, Myrmecodia are so intriguing. Gave me about 15 fruits since May! And the fruits taste not bad either, a bit like apricots
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    dorstenia bahiensis

    Oui moi aussi, si il en reste! :)
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    [Closed] BCP 2018 Group Order

    Oh my, missed out on this one! I'll be interested if you ever set up another order :)
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    Drosera gemmae

    Still have some D. scorpioides and D. roseana!
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    [Transfer] CO2 Generator (Yeast Method)

    I don't know if this was mentioned in the other thread referenced above, but even though there might be a slight increase in growth rate with CO2 enrichment, the photosynthetic rate of cps in general is quite low. CO2 supplementation is costly and quite complicated to do well, but it is...
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    Drosera gemmae

    That's too bad, I hope they do well too. If they do not make it I can always send you another packet.