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    Stage Actuator for Microscopic Photography

    This is awesome, I've thought about building something like this (but hand driven) for higher magnification focus stacking with my camera. This is a really excellent looking design, and it looks sleek too! I like the 3D printed lens adapters too, really clever solution!
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    most weedy, easy care CP?

    Not a temperate species, but for low light my favorite sundew is Drosera adelae, it needs high humidity so I usually grow it in some kind of terrarium or jar, and it can do well next to just about any window. Same goes for the other Queensland sundews, but I find they're all a bit more finicky...
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    CZPlant Seed germination rates

    In terms of germination rates from CZP, I tried them a few months ago and only had two species germination, and one of the two had extremely poor germination rates, so it's very likely that you just had bad seed. Not entirely surprising considering the size of their inventory, hard to actually...
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    Connors Sundews

    Definitely agree with Lloyd that some of my sundews just stop growing nicely after a while, I usually chop the rosettes off and let them regrow from the roots, that usually works. I do think that Lloyd is on to something with letting the medium dry out a bit instead of keeping it constantly...
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    Nepenthes 'Lady Pauline' looking for love

    Hey y'all, Just harvested the first batch of pollen off this plant, I think there's enough for a decent number of flowers here (I dunno how much it takes) - should be able to get another packet of a similar size from the rest of the spike. DM if interested!
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    Newts and Salamanders

    You're spot on with Wandering Salamander - cute little thing!
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    Heliamphora tatei x sarracenoides

    @VarunA was kind enough to send me a nice sized division of this hybrid that I grew from seed given to me by Av8or1 from TF at the ICPS forum way back in 2012. I had killed the original mother plant a few years back and was missing this weird hybrid with lots of sentimental value. Since I got it...
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    VFT cultivars paper produced in TC.

    Speaking of mutants appearing in the wild, here's a freak VFT I found in habitat in 2017 - as I recall this plant had a few traps that looked like this, so I believe it was at least somewhat stable: Dionaea muscipula - Venus Flytrap by Gabriel Levac, on Flickr
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    ON - Algonquin Park, Grassy Bay

    Based on what I've observed in the park, U. cornuta is the most likely choice for the terrestrial leaves growing in the peat, it's extremely abundant in these types of marginal bogs (some of the largest flowerings of this species I've ever seen have been in Algonquin in July). The aquatic...
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    Stylidium Troubles

    Interesting Lloyd, I can't remember for the life of me what I used to grow mine in, but I've been wondering if it is a nutrient thing that's causing such poor growth. Perhaps I'll try some light fertilization to see if that improves things.
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    Stylidium Troubles

    I remember growing a number of Stylidium species rather successfully when I was starting out with CPs. I wanted to try them out again so I've started graminifolium and debile from seed, and I'm having terrible luck with them, I had decent luck getting graminifolium to a decent size in my lowland...
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    Looking for Drosera seeds

    Hey y'all, Looking to round out my dew collection with some things that I used to grow and killed, I'm looking for fresh seeds of these species: Drosera intermedia (tropical forms) Drosera aliciae Drosera sessifolia Drosera admirabillis Also looking for these non-dewy seeds: Pinguicula...
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    Orbea speciosa

    I enjoy Durian so we've got common ground there Lloyd!
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    Orbea speciosa

    Luckily I find these and the flesh fly pollinated Aroids that I've grown don't really smell exactly like death, it's different in a way that's hard to describe. They're very musky and pungent though, so definitely a bit overwhelming indoors for me.
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    Orbea speciosa

    It's changed through the day from rot and dirt to dirt and chocolate so either the smell is improving or I'm getting Stockholm syndrome. The smell doesn't spread away from the flower so that's nice, I flowered Sauromatum venosum in my bedroom many years ago and that wasn't a fun way to wake up...