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    Science Fair Ideas

    I am doing a science fair project on my CPs, but i am having trouble narrowing down a cool hypothesis. Some of my ideas are... -which species/genus is the “deadliest” (pH, kill-time, etc) -what kind of bacteria a captive Ceph would have in it -could you rig a flytrap to a clock and have it run...
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    Stunted Sarracenia, Help!

    Thanks, yeah the soil is new peat so definitely acidic. I can probably just replace the tray if it ever degrades, thanks for the warning.
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    Stunted Sarracenia, Help!

    Ok I am set to recover my plants now. I realized that the tray i was using didnt hold very much water, and thats why it evaporated so fast (it was very wide so i thought itd hold a lot). As for why i just left them, there was nothing i could do as i couldnt afford to be going out and getting...
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    Stunted Sarracenia, Help!

    This summer my sarrs are very sad. I want to know whats wrong with them, as theyre in bad shape. I took in my stunted S. Purp. Montana and he is doing well in my terrarium although he doesnt have as much color. My taller guy, a leucophylla, is also stunted and will only produce tiny...
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    Plant of the Month May 2019

    Mutated typical D. Muscipula
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused
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    What’s your Other Hobbies?

    Cool, I also collect skulls!
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    Plant of the Month December 2018

    My Cephalotus and his baby. Special thanks to Bonfield, who gave the plant to me.
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    Is that a wood carving? (EDIT) on further inspection, its a mask. Sorry. I thought, if it was a carving, it would be super detailed.
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    Mystery Plant Contest

    Yeah, seconded
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    Advice on a Sundew mixed-species pot?

    im making a “communal pot” of as many sundews and sundew species as possible as a christmas gift for my friend who likes CPs. For potential candidates, i have Spatulata “Tamlin” Tokaiensis Graomogolensis Adelae Capensis Burmannii Lantau Island I need general advice on which plants should i use...