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    Looking for Helis, Sarrs and VFTs

    I'm ready to get back into CPs again after a break of a few years while I made a major move. Looking for Sarrs - to be grown in pots in zone 5B and moved into shelter in the winter. VFTs to be grown indoors and some Heliamphora. Mailed to Southern Ontario. I'm self-isolating for the next few...
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    Truck driver simple LOL

    You can use a small paintbrush to pick the seeds up.
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    name tag

    I used to do that. You have to rough them up with sandpaper to get the pencil to stick.
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    name tag

    I'd love to pay you a visit next time I'm in Toronto, Lloyd. Might not be until 2021, but still.
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    name tag

    I write with pencil on a white plastic tag. Pencil is the only thing I've found that resists fading in light. I put the source of the plant and date it was potted on the back. When I repot I add that date, so eventually there's a sequence of dates on the back showing me when the plant has been...
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    Very ugly fish

    I'd like to shake his "hand" but will practice social distancing for now.
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    Zone 6A Experiment with Temperates

    If it's rocky, it's not a bog. NS has a few hardy CP's but you'll be lucky to keep VFTs and some Sarrs going without heavy mulch.
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    Sibs sarr seedling journey!

    Looking forward to this. I don't really have the patience to grow anything but dews and pings from seed.
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    Sibs sarr seedling journey!

    Nice! What sort of sarrs?
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    Tds meter advice

    You can get a TDS meter in the Walmart automotive department. People use them for testing water for their RVs. Probably a much better choice online, though.
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    LFS source?

    Good for "Miscellaneous Frog Species"? That's clearly a Tomato Frog! I keep thinking about getting in to frogs again, but then I remember that they only eat live insects. You end up raising insects and keeping frogs on the side.
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    LFS source?

    You can get SpagMoss through Amazon Canada too.
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    2'' pots in bulk.

    I found these trays with pots from Lee Valley were a great way to get lots of little pots and the trays are useful, too...
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    I’m starting Brandywine seeds soon to grow indoors until June. Here’s some of last year’s crop.
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    Willy's Pings

    Nice plants Willy. There are quite a few crosses here that I've never heard of.