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    MB’s CP Questions

    My Nepenthes ventricosa doesn’t look well all the pitchers are black instead being brown when the die. the leafs also don’t look so well Thx
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    U. gibba

    me too... lol
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    Devil squirrels
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    Hi from Vancouver!

    I buy my distilled water at no frills for $0.97for 4L bottle
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    Spread the fun

    I really like the idea, i think I'm going to try to make some with extra seedlings/plants i have for people. my collection is small but i don't need a lot of plants to show people those awesome plants. i have some extra d. capillaris, d x snyderi, d x tokaiensis and darlingtonia californica...
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    Spread the fun

    really cool
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    Plant of the Month, December, 2020

    N. Globosa
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    My project is to show how people grow their nepenthes on windowsill

    800 more subscribers and u can get monetized
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    Growing Darlingtonia from seeds

    i have the seeds in 2 containers, one container fell today:( hopefully the seeds are fine
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    I like the mystery novel "and then there were none" book by agatha christie
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    Growing Darlingtonia from seeds

    25 days later...
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday