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    Looking for neat seeds

    Hey, I have Stylidium caespitosum, Utricularia jamesoniana, and some Mexican Pings. If you are interested, I can also send you some.
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    Plant of the Month, March 2020

    N. izumiae, looks good with the moss
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    thought I'd make an update, not much change in the plants, but lots of growth on the moss
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    Nepenthes Sale

    More: N. rafflesiana-$10/5 plants N. rafflesiana-$55 N. gracilis "black"-$15
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    Plant of the Month, February 2020

    N. viking x ampullaria "BM"
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    Nepenthes Sale

    Shipping in May.
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    Picture of the day!

    just showing off;) took these a few days ago when taking cuttings
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    Nepenthes Sale

    Plants to offer: - $25 per plant N. mirabilis "wing" x ampullaria "Black Miracle" -$40 N. ampullaria "speckled hot lips"-$35 N. "Gothica" = sibuyanensis x maxima-$80 N. northiana x veitchii-$100 $25 for xpress-post plus boxing and handling.
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    Plant of the Month, January 2020

    rajah x mira
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    Certainly, I'll make a post in the Trade and Sell section the coming spring.
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    Thanks. If the identity of the original seeds were faithfully labeled, a seedling from this set will probably be either N.izumiae, or one of it's natural hybrids.
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    I thought I'd share some of my Nep seedlings. They may still be tiny, but have nevertheless (in my perception) gone a long way from seed.
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    Plant of the Month, December 2019

    N. spectabilis-be3768
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    Plant of the Month, November 2019

    N. spathulata x jacquelineae be3894
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    Hello from Ontario

    Thanks guys!