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    I'm leaving the Forum for good!

    or how about " we never knew you were here " ???? hehehe
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    Drosera capensis browning (fixed)

    Mine died in the pot it was in and months later I had another one pop up in an totally unrelated tray , strange
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    Oh good , next time please post it in plain English hahahaha and thank you both for constantly reminding people to educate themselves before any decisions.
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    Maxsea Canada

    Has anybody tried the Maxsea Acid plant food ?
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    What are Gemmae?

    hahahaha and she ships really fast too
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    What are Gemmae?

    Living in white sand.
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    What are Gemmae?

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    Pleased to meet you all

    Welcome to the party. I am from Hamilton but now reside in Calgary AB
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    New Alberta member

    Welcome to the group. I am in Calgary myself and find that Sundews have been the most willing to sprout from seed for me as well I need to tweak something for the next time I try vft again
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    [Place-holder] BCP Group Order 2021 - Fall

    Man I am going to need a new helmet after my wife is done with me but I want in to hehehe Any idea what current exchange rates are ??
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    Hi from Hamilton, Ontario :)

    Finally another one from Hamilton hehehe welcome to this awesome group of people and resources.
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday
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    Good Trader and Nursery List

    Those look like something a guy would stab himself with :eek:
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    Good Trader and Nursery List

    You can still see the seed and all of mine had green shoots so you could tell easy enough but I found it was a challenge for me to convince the roots to let go of the paper towel. I really need to get a tripod for my phone so I can cheat and use it as a magnifier and free up and hand LOL
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    Pygmy Drosera gemmae harvest

    7 days after receiving them, a couple happy tiny plants showing off for me.