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    Cherry tomatoes are where it's at! Grew some Sungolds in the past years and they're hard to beat!
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    Sarr's for pick up (Hold for now)

    If there are any more let me know! I'm nearby in Etobicoke and have just gotten a few sarr seeds in cold stratifcation. I doubt I'll have large plants for a while lol
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    name tag

    I saw someone using yogurt tubs (larger size) cut into strips as white plastic labels. Haven't tried it myself, but thought it was a great idea!
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    Willy's Nepenthes

    Bend them so the stem touches peat?
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    Willy's Nepenthes

    Thanks! That's good to know
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    Willy's Nepenthes

    Please excuse the condensation on the glass and the poor photography D: Mainly taken to show the size of them relative to their current "greenhouse"
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    Willy's Nepenthes

    Ahh makes sense - thanks! Yeah, I don't have much space for a basket as well so I've been growing mine in an aquarium with a lid, but they're starting to escape! Looks like they may be in for a trim then
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    Willy's Nepenthes

    Hey Willy, I see that most of your nepenthes are potted and placed into a tray of water. Do you have any that are in hanging baskets? As well, how do you support the ones with really tall stems? I'm a newer nepenthes grower so I'm looking for ideas on how to grow mine, which are getting larger...
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    [Closed] Carnivorsandmore Nursery Seed Group Order 2020

    Great news, thanks for the update!
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    Beginners guide to starting from seed?

    Oh hey, nice choice! That's what I started with as well (capensis). They're fairly easy in my experience so just a sprinkling of them on top of peat should do. Might still be worthwhile to mix up the standard 50/50 peat/sand or peat/perlite mix so you wont have to worry too much later on. If...
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    Beginners guide to starting from seed?

    Hi there, I'm not too familiar with the Destiny Living stuff, but have had success with Jiffy pellets before. Rapid Rooters look very similar to iHort cubes and I've been curious to try those out to start some seeds so it might be worth a shot! What ever you decide upon, you'll want to make...